About The Steve Bremis Team…

The Steve Bremis Team is a specialized member real estate consulting team committed to providing the most professional, creative, informative, loyal and dedicated service in the real estate industry.  The Steve Bremis Team is pleased to offer buyer, seller, condo development consulting and professional staging services.  Behind the scenes we have over 60 years of combined experience and our goal is simple…always put the best interest of our clients first and above our own in each and every transaction, each and every day.  Our success is more than just a check at the end of a sale, most importantly, we strive for long lasting friendships built on trust and being Your Personal Realty Consultants…for Life!

Stephen J. Bremis…Up Close and Personal!

Real Estate is in my blood and a family passion! I guess you could say that I really haven’t done anything else…ever!  Back when I was a senior in high school I got my real estate license and sold my first home in Somerville for $27,000.  This was back in 1981 when interest rates were fluctuating between 15-18%.  I have since personally sold over 1,400 homes with over 36 years in real estate sales since then with my highest sale being over 10 million...  My expertise and experience are extensive to say the least.  I handle all types of property sales including singles, condos, multi family’s and condo conversion consulting…  I’ve been through all types of markets including the latest real estate boom and survived the depths of a recession.  I am  a proud part of a 62 year old family business and extremely proud of our thriving independence.  More important than the amount of sales I make, my success depends on providing you with excellence, establishing lasting relationships built on trust and being… Your Personal Realty Consultant for Life!

Tell us about yourself…for real.

‘I am a calm, confident, creative, glass half full and personable person…who is constantly trying to burn his own path.  I hate following and always want to create my own destiny, determine my own rules and control my life, love and surroundings.  In my head there is always a solution to a problem and everything is usually a negotiation.  The best result is from a win-win position.  A positive attitude, a simple smile and enjoying life are ultimately more important than the cash at the end of the rainbow.  At the end of the day, there is no price that can be placed on family and love.  The rewards for investing in these are immeasurable.  I believe that it takes more than me to be successful and you need to be mindful and patient of those that are helping you get there… There is always a need to ‘better’ yourself.  There is also a constant need to roll with and accept change, embrace a challenge and have confidence in your ability to succeed no matter what the failure potentially in front of you or those past failures that linger behind you.  On the personal side, I am a romantic at heart and love to travel.  I love my kids and am proud of not only of who they have become but their achievements in the process of reaching their destination.  I believe in God but am not an overly religious person.  Lastly, I feel I have the ability to be the best and there will always be an unsettling feeling that until that day comes, I have not reached my full potential!  But, this is where it gets tricky…this must be accomplished without giving up your love, your family or stepping on people along the way.  If the ‘karma’ is not cool, the ride could be painful and bumpy on the way down.  I refuse to acknowledge that trusting people is my weakness rather a hopeful confidence in the humanity of those around me until they prove otherwise.’

Steve Bremis