Buyer Bonus Program


The Steve Bremis Team Home Buyer Representation is comprehensive, extensive, and YES- FREE! We get paid through the listing agent so there are absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses for you! Our team has sold over 1200 homes in the last 32 years, so not only can we offer you the best buyer representation in the business, we can also save you money in the process.

  1. Free credit report and profile.
  2. Free bank pre-approval for your home mortgage.
  3. $395 Buyer Reward Mortgage Rebate at closing available.
  4. Up to $1,500 Steve Bremis Buyer Reward Rebate at closing.
  5. Buyer reward discounts with Home Depot and many others up to $1500.
  6. Free copy and review of sales contracts.
  7. Free mortgage amortization analysis and breakdown.
  8. Free American Dream Organizer passport.
  9. Free door to door storage container for your move from your old house to new.
  10. Free immediate list of homes in your price range…and no obligation consultation.
  11. Free Homestead Act Protection drafted and recorded at closing to protect your home against future creditors.